about Jai Jai

Newcastle-born, Jai Jai’s, incredible singing/songwriting journey started at the tender age of 8. Well-known for lyrics based on her personal experiences, or those lived through close family and friends. This accomplished pop/soul singer bagged a number of vocal competitions as a teenager which allowed her to travel around NSW. In 2018, Jai scored an incredible opportunity to be the opening act for widely-known Australian band, Thirsty Merc. 2019, saw Jai not only performing as a backing vocalist to signed country artist, Kristy James, but also had them co-writing the single “Independent.” Jai has also been in an agency backed act “City Beats” for the past 4 years and has recently joined the same agency as a soloist.


Her powerful voice and inspiring lyrics have captivated listeners, giving them no option but to sit-up and take note. Don’t be fooled, her first release is just the calm before the storm. Throughout her journey, you'll see Jai's inner thoughts expressed through her music with a cinematic, dark pop twist, just enough to keep you engaged with her storytelling. 


Big dreams are afoot for 2021, with plans to release 3 singles of her most personal songs and her Debut single “If Loving Me Was Easy” to be released on February 19. Be sure to watch this space and keep your ears tuned for some music for the soul.